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So we played a pretty kick ass show at The Cabooze May 28th. It was awesome to see so many new faces and witness an actual moshpit. It was also Brian Kirkner’s last show with the band. He found his dream job building guitars for a major guitar manufacturer in California. We wish him all the best in his new found career and hope that he enjoys living life in California. We offered to move with him…and stay in California because, let’s face it, Minnesota has some pretty shitty weather, but alas the whole “we have roots here…blahblahblah.” It’s probably for the best, but we (roadies included) will all miss the fuck outta him. As awesome as Kirkner is on guitar, he is 100 TIMES more awesome to hang with…and that’s what we’re really going to miss the most.

Ok. So that brings us to the second part of this thing…who’s going to play lead guitar for REDSKY? Well, we have put out the feelers to many of our friends that play in other bands, and I can tell you we found someone so incredibly exceptional that we know you will be pleased. So without further adieu REDSKY would like to welcome Matt Hodsdon to the band. Matt has amazing chops and has played with some amazing bands like DAWN OF VALOR, EPICUREAN, and his own project CHAOS FRAME. I am a HUGE fan of Matt’s work with CHAOS FRAME and I feel that he brings an energy and sound all his own to the REDSKY material. If you haven’t already, please give his work on Chaos Frame a listen. You will not regret it.

That brings me to gigs…we have a lot of them coming up and if Danny Z can book us a date in or around Chicago in August then we will be covering the entire northern midwest region. Here’s what we have so far:

Seriously…get your asses out there. We are playing with some of our favorite local bands like IRON THRONES, DON’T WORRY I’M A DOCTOR, UNDER EDEN, and SAMSAHRA.

More cool stuff…well…we’re riding out our summer shows and then heading to the studio to start recording our next album. I’m pretty stoked about it and SO SHOULD YOU!!! We will be working with our friends at SignatureTone Recording again. So, you know it’s going to be an analog Surly fueled party. Also, we finally have our CD in physical DigiPak format. BUY IT NOW! And…keep checking the website for videos and other bits of news. We’ll be updating it more frequently in the coming weeks.

Thanks for digging on REDSKY! See you out on the road!



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