The Insidious Divine

Minneapolis, MN

Official Press Release – November 9, 2011

Heavy Metal Progressive Rock band REDSKY have named “The Insidious Divine” as the follow-up release to their debut album, “The Circle of Blood.” Inspired by Pink Floyd’s – The Wall, “The Insidious Divine” is a combination of film and progressive music that exist as two separate entities while being linked through the visuals of film and the progressive cadence of the music.

“Creatively speaking, this is the most ambitious project that I have ever conceived. I have always loved Pink Floyd’s film version of The Wall. It is such a fascinating concept that gripped me when I first saw it as a 15 year old teenager. It blurred the lines between two mediums of established entertainment flawlessly. The concept of the “The Insidious Divine” is remarkable and once we found the right tempo, the musical themes and tones were immediately identified and the music practically wrote itself. At this point, it’s all a matter of demoing the key production elements and matching them to what we interpret from the script,” says REDSKY frontman, Chuck Wagner.

REDSKY plans on entering SignatureTone Recording Studios in Spring 2012. Film production is slated to begin in August 2012 and last through late-Winter 2013. Film crew announcements will be made Spring 2012.

Visit for more information regarding the project.


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