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It’s time to REDSKY! FUCK YEAH!

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Oh shit it’s been three long fucking years, but it’s that time again to REDSKY! FUCK YEAH! So, let’s go through the check list:

1. Be completely off the grid for three years while writing new music…check.

2. Finish recording music at Signaturetone Recording…check.

3. Trust music to Adam Tucker for mixing/mastering…check.

4. Get new merch…check.

5. Get new stage props for live show…check.

6. Masterbate…chhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeck.

I’m thrilled to have completed this project. In total, I wrote an entire screenplay and recorded nearly 27 songs. Only 9 made final cut and into the studio for the album. The drums were recorded by Adam Tucker at SignatureTone Recording with none other than Peter Clarke (Bill Pulmonary Embolism, ex-Iron Thrones, Liar in Wait). I decided that it was time to do real drums because I’m sick and tired of all the perfect and precise drumming that is so prevalent in metal music. I wanted something realistic that represented the skills of a renown professional in the area. I think Pete did a great job and the quality and difference is night and day. We will be performing limited shows throughout the region on this cycle. Plan to hear more of that later on…Our current lineup is as follows:

Chuck Wagner – Guitars/Vocals

Peter Clarke – Drums/Percussion

Micah Devereux – Lead Guitar

TBD – Bass


Insidious Divine will be available worldwide digitally on 9.9.14 at





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Minneapolis, MN – USA – April 12, 2011

Twin Cities based metal band REDSKY recently inked a publishing and licensing deal with Seattle, WA based AUDIOSOCKET for their 11 track self-produced debut album The Circle of Blood. AUDIOSOCKET is a boutique music licensing agency, representing more than 1,800 emerging bands, composers, and record labels from around the world. REDSKY founding member, Chuck Wagner, hopes that the deal will help the band gain additional exposure to new listeners through video games, movies, and television spots. “Licensing and publishing heavy or extreme music is a very competitive business and AUDIOSOCKET has emerged with a proven track record of finding high-quality music for their clients. I’m very excited about this endeavor as it will enable us to further circumvent the outdated record label structure yet still generate revenue,” Wagner said.

AUDIOSOCKET has helped license music to clients like Toyota, Warner Brothers, Universal, MTV, and ABC as well as had their music featured in television shows like Lost, Grey’s Anatomy, and Late Night with Conan O’Brien. AUDIOSOCKET Chief Executive Officer Brent McCrossen says, “We’re thrilled to bring REDSKY into the AUDIOSOCKET catalog. These guys are playing at a very high level. They’ve mastered their instruments and are writing genuine songs that represent the best in breed. Our clients will love it and we look forward to getting their music to market.”

The Circle of Blood was released on August 30, 2010. The album was tracked at Full Circle Studios in Corcoran, MN and mixed by Adam Tucker at SignatureTone Recording in Minneapolis, MN. REDSKY is currently performing shows through the end of 2011 and has plans to enter the studio Spring of 2012 to record a follow up to The Circle of Blood.

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